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About Our Door

Dcore Doors was conceptualized and extensively implemented in the same year of business commencement. We are renowned with finest door manufacturing methodologies, which are expertly executed to the market. Product quality can be determined easily since there are finest resources processed with innovative
structuring formalities applied at our manufacturing unit. Our research practice to the core is furthered to satisfactory results in every produce made. We are expressed as the distinct manufacturers with high competence by our customers since we are utilizing ultra modern machineries with skilled Dcore Team. Quality raw materials sourced has been the perfect beholder of strength in materials and any outcome has been tied with finest level of craftsmanship. Raw materials are collected from durable conscious suppliers hence long term product
usage can be expected. Specialty of each door includes for low emission and not affected by weather conditions easily. We have well established network of product deliverers, dealers or retailers, architects and interiors. Our product is considered as mandatory extension to interiors at home and corporate environment.
Customers have choice to choose from wide varieties, which are developed by our team. Our doors have been the commonest choice for architects and owners alike.

Dcore introduce four new brands from which you can choose the right Doors

Dcore Vintage

Vintage design is highly emotional because it belongs to the history of each of us. It evokes nostalgia in all ages people.

Dcore Elegant

Elegant design refers effectively complex design with meaningful concepts which gives you feel of elegance that is not confusing as it is clean in nature.


Dcore Legend design a step in the design world with phenomenon of presenting something Unique with Contemporary feel

Dcore Modern

Lowering with living cost we design Dcore Modern brands which can be set at your place
with comfort & luxury as well.

Natural Door Starting at 6,000 BDT