Jali Cutting Design Solution For Your Interior or Furniture

About Our Jali Design

Jali Design is a form of old calligraphic and geometric art that is usually constructed on the basis of ornamental patterns and are engraved on a perforated stone or screen lattice. Dcore Jali Designs are not only design-centric but also helps in lowering the room temperature through perforated holes. Dcore Jali design manufacturer and Supplier Company in the modern era has evolved, but the basic art
remains the same and nowadays people use jalis only to decorate their space thus making it look beautiful.
Amazing Art, Dcore Jali Design Team carves every design possible out there irrespective of their size and
shape. We also carve custom choice designs and even world-famous architectural designs. We are one
of the leading jail Design Manufacturer, providing exceptional quality, satisfying prices, and best service.
Please do visit us if you are looking for an explicit piece of wall art.
The following Four Jali Design Brands for our valued customer which provide their space an aesthetic

Dcore introduce four new Jali Designs from which you can choose the right Design

Dcore Vintage

Vintage design refers to an item of another era that holds important and recognizable value. Dcore

Dcore Elegant

Dcore Elegant Designs compiles graceful and stylish appearance. We design attractive, mature and sophisticated also Aesthetic Passion.

Dcore Legend

Dcore Legend design a step in the design world with phenomenon of presenting something Unique with Contemporary feel

Dcore Modern

Lowering with living cost we design Dcore Modern brands which can be set at your place
with comfort & luxury as well.

Jali Design Starting at 70 BDT Per Squire Feet

◉ Wood   ◉ Board    ◉ Gorjon    ◉ Alcho    ◉ SS Sheet   ◉ MS Sheet

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